DVE Landscape                                                                                        Professional Lawn & Landscaping Services

​Patios, Pergolas, Retainer/Sitting WALLS   

Other Services

- Power wash Houses steps, sidewalks, decks...

- Drainage, Resurface driveways.

- Turn off/on and adjust irrigation systems.

- remove/clean spider webs, bee/wasp nests.

Continuous Worry Free Maintenance

Ask us about our service agreements tailored to serve specific needs. You will save money and time while preserving the desired quality, beauty and comfort of your property by ensuring continuity and regularity.


- Mow, trim, edge and clean up.

- Fertilize, control weeds and insects, aerate and seed...

- Lay sod, patches, repairs


- Design, build and maintain Decks, patios, pergolas, walkways, pathways, irrigation systems, lighting, ponds/water falls...



- Plant, prune, fertilize trees, shrubs, ground cover and flowers.

- Mulching and clean up (fall/spring and as required).